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Hello, I'm Cleaning Doctor John, your local carpet, curtain and upholstery cleaning and restoration specialist in Galway.

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Whenever you decide to get your carpets, curtains or upholstery cleaned, you’ll want to be sure that your treasured possessions are in expert hands and that you get the best results possible. You will want it done with the minimum of fuss and quickly too, which is why this service is ideal for you

Why should You call me?

1. Thorough Carpet Cleaning by Experts
My carpet cleaning methods, which are approved by leading carpet manufacturers, don't leave residue or cause shrinkage. I clean way down to the base of your carpets removing harmful grit, dirt, stains and pollutants. Even dirt that has been trodden in for years is lifted away.



2. Specialist Cleaning for Upholstery and Rugs
I also specialise in upholstery cleaning, including leather upholstery. I also clean and restore rugs, including Oriental, Chinese, Indian, European, woollen, silk and synthetic.



3. Spot, Stain and Odour Removal
I am an expert at removing spots and stains. Even biological stains, such as milk, vomit, urine, and pet mishaps can be neutralised and eliminated.



4. Fibre and Fabric Protection for Carpets and Upholstery
Our fabric and fibre protector applied to your carpets and upholstery will keep them cleaner for longer. Our PROmite protector eliminates dust mites, and our Bactoshield protector leaves carpets with an antibacterial protection designed to combat MRSA and E. coli.



5. Dedicated to Customer Service and Honest Pricing
I am dedicated to customer service, before, during and after every clean. I offer you a free healthy-home or business check on all your carpets, curtains and upholstery. I’ll inspect the areas to be cleaned and give you a comprehensive quotation. The price quoted includes all the solutions, equipment and manpower needed to get the job done right. I promise you honest, fully-inclusive pricing and no high-pressure sales gimmicks. And, if you are not completely happy with the result I will re-clean the area for free. Plus, if you have an accidental spill on your carpets, within one week of cleaning, just give me a call and I will call and re-clean the spot when I am are next in your area.

John Coen
Cleaning Doctor