Carpet Cleaning Dublin South East

Richard Hoskinson carpet cleaner Dublin South East. If your carpets are looking the worse for wear, dirty, downtrodden or dull then I can expertly solve your carpet cleaning problems. Using either my powerful hot water extraction or low moisture WoolSafe approved Dry Fusion system carpets can be dry within the hour. I guarantee that your carpets will be safely cleaned to an as good as new condition and at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Upholstery Cleaning Dublin South East

Looking for upholstery cleaning in the Dublin South East area? Enjoy upholstery cleaning services that will restore any item of furniture to an as good as new condition and that’s cost-effective too. Our safe cleaning solutions and high powered cleaning machines get furniture clean and dry and ready for use within one to two hours.

Curtain Cleaning Dublin South East

Curtains, swags, tails and pelmets all cleaned without taking them down. It’s brilliant. Your curtains act like air filters, they catch and hold on to all kinds of airborne dust and odours. Our step by step curtain cleaning process can easily and effectively clean and deodorise all types of curtains without mess or fuss.

Rug Cleaning Dublin South East

Professional rug cleaners in Dublin South East, Cleaning Doctor can professionally clean any type of rug; Persian, Indian, Chinese, including silk, wool or synthetic. We will achieve outstanding results by ensuring that each and every stage of our cleaning process is carried out using top quality cleaning equipment and safe cleaning solutions. We never use harsh chemicals or shampoos on what could be your treasured heirloom.

Leather Cleaning Dublin South East

Do you remember the first time that you sat on your new leather suite? It felt good; it felt comfortable; it smelt great; it was in immaculate condition.

Here’s how we clean leather: A leather cleanser is applied to remove all soiling from the surface of the leather hide. This work is completed by hand to ensure that your valuable leather furnishings are treated gently and with respect. When the leather has been fully cleaned, a refinishing cream, that contains a protective coating, is applied to further enhance the appearance and protect the leather from wear, tear and spills.

Mattress Cleaning Dublin South East

Enjoying a pleasant night’s sleep on a clean dust-mite free mattress is possible when it’s restored by Cleaning Doctor. After careful evaluation we will expertly advise how we can complete detailed spot removal and neutralisation on all sorts of biological stains and spills. After cleaning we will then speed dry the mattress to get it ready for re-use as soon as possible.

Spot & Stain Removal Dublin South East

We can remove more spots and stains than you might think
Spots, stains and spills should be treated as soon as possible. The longer a spot, stain or spill remains before being treated, the more difficult it will be to remove. Spots, stains and spills that are not promptly removed can turn into a permanent stains and result in irreversible damage to your carpets and upholstery fabrics.

We guarantee a higher success of removal if we attempt to remove spots before anyone else attacks the problem. Improper stain removal procedures can turn a spot into a permanent stain.

Dust Mite Elimination Dublin South East

Cleaning Doctor uses PROmite™ which is designed to eliminate dust mites during the cleaning and fabric protection process.

Application of PROmite™ is a two-part system. Firstly a pre-cleaner containing PROmite™ is applied directly to the item to be treated prior to cleaning with the hot-water extraction method. This enables the elimination of up to 90% of dust mites while thoroughly cleaning the carpet, upholstery, mattress etc. Secondly a protective treatment is applied to the item. This protector also contains the PROmite™, which allows it to cover each and every fibre for long lasting prevention.

Pet Accident Treatments Dublin South East

When pet urine is wet, it is an acid. When untreated, pet urine dries and becomes an alkaline salt. In many cases, the use of water makes the problem worse. Many people try and mask the smell, but this is only a temporary solution. To properly solve a problem one needs a specialist cleaning solution or an anti-microbial product to neutralise and eliminate the problem.

Call us and we will evaluate the situation and best advise. If there is a lot of contamination, the underlay of a carpet, or indeed the floor, may need specialist treatments.

Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Dublin South East

At Cleaning Doctor our business is cleaning to protect your health, your family, your home or your business. Our aim is to clean and restore items to pristine condition inside or outside your home or business premises. We have worked for thousands of domestic and commercial customers across the UK and Ireland. We are comfortable with any size of job, no matter how large or how small.

We have worked with thousands of domestic, commercial and non-commercial organisations to save them money — as we always aim to clean and restore in order to extend the life of their carpets, upholstery, floor surfaces, so that they don’t have to replace so often. Check out our customer comments section.

Water & Flood Damage Restoration Dublin South East

Ready and waiting for your call. If you have ever experienced a flood in your home or business, you’ll know the importance of fast action. A quick response is critical to minimize water damage to your property and contents. To properly dry the carpet, under felt, contents and the structure, requires highly specialized equipment and the training and skills to use it.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Dublin South East

When life gets messy, we clean things up!

Fire and Smoke damage to any home or business can be quite a traumatic experience. Help is at hand. We will expertly restore all types of surfaces that have been damaged by smoke with our deep restorative cleaning processes. In no time at all we will have your property ready for redecoration so that life gets back to normality.

Insurance Claim Assistance Dublin South East

Our service includes accidental damage to carpets and soft furnishings, water damage restoration, structural drying, fire and smoke removal, mould and microbial remediation. Whether your insurance fully overs your loss or not, it’s imperative that swift action is taken to lessen damage as soon as it occurs. When a disaster occurs, our advice is to call us immediately, so that we can act quickly and help to alleviate the situation so that further damage is mitigated.

We partner with other specialist restoration companies and insurance companies to deliver a service that focuses on quality, attention to detail, customer care, whilst always maintaining value for money.


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